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A webinar is a seminar conducted through the web. You will need a computer with speakers, and a microphone may be helpful. If you don't have either,  you may have a jack for a microphone/ headset. Something like this will suffice:


At the end of each 30 minute presentation we will have a Q & A session that will last approximately 15 minutes.

Here is a copy of the last webinar that you may view for free. All registered attendees will have access to recordings of the presentations.


Sport Nutrition Topics

•1)      Antioxidants and exercise: Exercise can cause an increase in free radical production which may contribute to cellular damage. Fortunately, the body has a natural defense against these free radicals. But is it enough? Can we strengthen the antioxidant defense system through our diet? This seminar will investigate and answer such questions.

•2)      Supplements: Athletes are constantly looking for new ways to improve their performance in order to gain an edge on the competition. This presentation will discuss the safety and effectiveness of some of the popular supplements used by endurance athletes.  Supplements such as beta-alanine, HMB, amino acids, glutamine, and caffeine will be discussed.

•3)      Nutrition and Immune Function: What is the effect of exercise on the immune system? Does it strengthen it? Weaken it? The answer may surprise you. Attend this seminar to find out the answer and to learn how nutrition can be used to strengthen the immune system of an athlete or regular exerciser.

Cross Training Topics

•1)      Interval Training - Interval training is an underutilized training method. This is especially true in ultra endurance athletes. This seminar will discuss the benefits of such training, how it can help athletes of any ability, and any distance. Specific examples will be provided so you can incorporate this training into your program.

•2)      Core training: Everyone is talking about it and how important it is. This seminar will define the core and explain how a strong core can help prevent injuries and enhance performance. Specific exercises will be covered.

•3)      Muscle Damage: Muscle damage can ruin a race. The symptoms of muscle damage include pain and reduced power output. There is more than more cause and this seminar will discuss the possible causative factors and ways to eliminate them.


Training Programs

Body Composition – percent body fat     $35.00
Dual method approach
Skinfolds (still the most reliable in the field) and Bioelectrical impedance

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