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Are you having trouble maintaining your pace during a race? Do you often experience muscle cramps and need to stop? Do you want to race your fastest without fear of bonking? Checkout our Metabofuel Plan.

BVHP's is launching its MetaboFuel race fueling plan. We will analyze your metabolism at different exercise intensities on the bike and run (or run only for ultrarunners) calculate your expected energy expenditure during the race and precisely calculate your energy, fluid, and electrolyte intake needs. This isn't guesswork based on averages, it is precisely calculated based off of your metabolism and body! This is a must test/plan for any athlete who is racing distances that are 4 hours or longer. Maximize your performance and minimize GI issues with Metabofuel Plan.

Whats included?

1) Metabolic test on bike and run with our state of the art metabolic testing equipment. Tammy_and_jeff.jpg

2) Sweat rate determination

3) Body composition

3) Complete fueling plan for your specific race. Fluid, carbohydrate and electrolyte needs precisely calculated. You use your foods and drinks that you are already familiar with. We tell you how much.


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Training Programs

Lactate Threshold and V02max combined      $170.00

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