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What is the best recovery drink on the market?

Following intense or prolonged exercise it is important to take in some nutrition as soon as possible. This is particularly important for individuals who train multiple times throughout the day or consecutive days. The purpose of a recovery drink is to provide glucose to restore muscle and live glycogen and amino acids to aid in protein synthesis to repair exercise induced cellualr damage. The chart below shows the optimal ratio of carbohydrate and protein for recovery. Most recovery drinks on the market fit into these guidelines so the decision really comes down to taste and personal preference. Real food works just as well. The key is to limit the fat and protein so the nutrients empty quickly from the stomach. Also, high glycemic index foods are better for recovery. We want the food to rapidly digest and be absorbed. Personally,I prefer a drink right after exercise and then a couple of hours later I follow it up with a small meal. And, milk has been proven to be as effective powdered recovery drinks for restoring glycogen. Chocolate milk in particular, because it has more sugar.


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