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Upcoming webinar series:

 BVHP Sport Nutrition Webinar Series 

1/25/11: Antioxidants and exercise
2/15/11: Effective nutritional supplements for the endurance athlete
3/8/11: Nutrition and immune function in athletes


BVHP Cross Training Webinar Series
1/27/11: Interval training for endurance athletes
2/17/11:Core training for the endurance athlete
3/10/11: Training to reduce muscle damage

About the presenter: Jeff Godin Ph.D., CSCS

Cost: $20 per session, $50 for series

Time: 6:30 PM  30 minute presentation, 15 minute Q & A

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Training Programs

Maximal and Submaximal Sweat Rate      $95.00
Do you wonder how much fluid you need to replace during exercise under different conditions? This can be calculated based on sweat rate. Knowing your sweat rate can help prevent dehydration and hyponatremia.

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