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Congrats to all participants!

BVHP Winter Duathlon - Todd Pizzi!

Alicia Hall !

Irenes first "Du" debut!

Cliff Browning - winner of life time fitness award

Madeline "Grinding"

Julie Deane "Most dedicated"

Suffering the 10 mile ride!

Jennifer Gray chasing her down!

Bonnie Brown - always ready for a day of fun!
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If you are looking for precise heart rate or power training zones, this is the preferred method. This test includes drawing blood samples from a finger stick that is analyzed for lactate. The test begins at a relatively low workload and is progressively increased every 4 minutes. The typical blood lactate response during an incremental test is represented by small increases in lactate with an increase in workload until the athlete reaches the "threshold". At the "threshold" blood lactate increases greatly. This is an indication of an increase in the recruitment of muscle fibers, specifically type II or fast twitch muscle fibers and signals higher reliance on carbohydrate as a fuel. Typically, activities done at the "threshold" can only last 45 -60 min. Heart rate and power training zones are calculated based off of this knowledge so that "easy" and "hard" intensities are quantified and easily identifiable.


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